Creative land utilization for changing times.

As with all of life, change is the only constant and when it comes to the game of golf, this is no exception. We recognize the changing face of golf and the need for unique and innovative approaches to land development and the renovation of existing facilities. With this in mind, our team has begun looking at land in a new way and asking questions about how to best utilize spaces that previously had no future on the urban landscape. Landfills that house yesterday’s trash or parcels that have become home to broken infrastructures dot the landscape of the world, oftentimes becoming eyesores in an otherwise palatable horizon. The possibilities for creative land utilization in these areas is one in which we have found great success. Our ability to transform these potentially negligent environments into golf courses of individual character have positioned us as leaders in the movement toward urban golf course development and one that will continue to be at the forefront of golf course architecture for years to come.