Return To Cairo

All good here in Cairo . Mostly celebrations for the anniversary of the revolution . Pretty ironic to return on this day.  Arrived Cairo on 1/25/14 at 7PM , oddly the least amount of traffic I have ever seen in the city , everyone at parties. Going to Palm Hills project today that I didmore

Sustainability in a Changing Market. Part II

Daily fee courses need players, private clubs need members and the NGF reports more courses have closed than opened over the last two years. How is the Growing the Game, One Course at a Time. It’s no secret…the golf industry is suffering along with most mainstream businesses in the U.S. today. Daily fee courses needmore

Sustainability in a Changing Market

Golf in recreational land use has been common in the British Isles since the 1400s and made its debut on North American soil in the late 19th century. While perceptions are changing, opinions persist that the golf industry is disconnected from environmental responsibility. Given the unique relationship to the environment, golf is inextricably linked tomore