• Trump Links Ferry Point.

    This magnificent reclamation course sits adjacent to New York City's Whitestone Bridge and East River.

  • Wycliffe Golf & C.C.

    Exclusive South Florida golf community with 2 course that close at the clubhouse.

  • Granite Links Golf Club.

    A strong presence against the Boston skyline

  • Palm Hills Golf Resort.

    A world class resort with views of the pyramids, Palm Hills is destined to become a premiere golf destination in Egypt

  • Spring Run Golf Club.

    A vibrant golf community with an exceptional golf course.

  • Juliette Falls.

    The philosophy we invited was to ‘be gentle on the land’ as we staked out the best holes on its 546 acre site.

  • Taba Heights Golf Resort.

    A world class resort in a picturesque setting, we were selected to create a dramatic course with international player standards

  • Apple Mountain Golf.

    Nestled amidst this 307-acre resort of skiing, dining, hiking and golf rests the perfectly poised Apple Mountain golf course.

Global Golf Course Design and the Big Picture


Our innovative course
design and record for
delivering projects on
time and budget are a
proven path to success.

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Excelling in the effective
design of unique site
characteristics and
innovative course structure
is a speciality.

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Project Management.

Complete onsite support
and supervision is a service
that we can provide to
assure complete

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Understanding the changing
role of golf and alternative non-
course uses is essential to
growing the game and is at the
heart of our design strategies.

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