• Granite Links Golf Club.

    A strong presence against the Boston skyline

  • Juliette Falls.

    The philosophy we invited was to ‘be gentle on the land’ as we staked out the best holes on its 546 acre site.

  • Apple Mountain Golf.

    Nestled amidst this 307-acre resort of skiing, dining, hiking and golf rests the perfectly poised Apple Mountain golf course.

  • Hobe Sound Golf Club.

    A private, member-owned club in Florida sets the stage for a casual yet challenging environment

  • Palm Hills Golf Resort.

    A world class resort with views of the pyramids, Palm Hills is destined to become a premiere golf destination in Egypt

  • Taba Heights Golf Resort.

    A world class resort in a picturesque setting, we were selected to create a dramatic course with international player standards

Global Golf Course Design and the Big Picture
Global Player

Global Player.

Exceptional course design
and development that
spans the globe is a
mainstay of our portfolio.

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Urban Design.

Excelling in the effective
design of unique site
characteristics and
innovative course structure
is a speciality.

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Project Management.

Complete onsite support
and supervision is a service
that we can provide to
assure complete

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Understanding the changing
role of golf and alternative non-
course uses is essential to
growing the game and is at the
heart of our design strategies.

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